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2018-05-20, 12:35 PM

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Chronomancy is divination of the best time to do something. 
The term "chronomancy" stemming from the greek word chronos that means time and the word manteia that means divination, 
is also used in fiction to refer to a school of magic involving supernatural manipulation of time. 
Time is the key of the universe, the factor of coordination between all things and all other things. 
It is what determines that an action will be correct or wrong, it is the battlefield in which a man fights his own self to become better. 
Birth, evolution through experience and knowledge, death and loss of all sorts, they all follow the rules of time. 
But time is something flexible and the rules of time are not know by western science... 
The band was created in 2010 and is active in the beautiful city of Greece, Thessaloniki. 
In June 2010 released the first demo CD named "Baptised In Fire" and at 2014 released the first Album "Here & Now" 

chrono photo

Thanos "Somber" Dogranlis/ Bass  Tyrtaeus Kamarinos/ Guitars  Chris Zaproudis/ Drums ☩ Yiannis Kombatsiaris/ Vocals  Yiangos Sourbis/ Guitars Mary Sypoula/ Keys




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